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2003 - 

December 28, Buenos Aires: The Villa Mitre Baptist Church conducts its first baptismal service on its own church property. The church had previous baptismal services at other churches due to not having its own baptistry. The problem was solved by setting up a "pelopincho" (large plastic wading pool) on the patio

December 23, Buenos Aires: The IMB missionaries in Buenos Aires had a Christmas get-together at the home of David and Barbara Vick

December 21, Buenos Aires: Bruce and Nancy were invited to participate in the birthday party (3 yrs old) of Sofía Randazzo, daughter of professional violinist Omar Randazzo, who often performs with the Muskrats on musical programs. He is first violinist in the Colón Theater Orchestra.

December 17, Buenos Aires: Bruce and Nancy host a Christmas party in their home for the Mission office staff and their families.

December 16, Buenos Aires: Bruce and Nancy participate in an open-air concert in Parque Lezama in downtown Buenos Aires. In addition to personnel from the Ríos del Sur Foundation, program partipants included a dance class from the Julio Bocca Institute, a Slavic folk-dance group, a church choir from one of the local Korean evangelical congregations, Omar Randazzo (violin) and Ki Huik Sung, a Korean cellist currently studying theology at the Baptist seminary in Buenos Aires.

December 11, Buenos Aires: Annual Christmas Dinner in the Sheraton Hotel sponsored by the Pro-Meta church planting team, of which Bruce and Nancy are members.

December 7, Buenos Aires: Bruce and Nancy host the Pro-Meta Bible-study breakfast in their home.

November 29, Tulsa, OK: Bruce and Nancy board an American Airlines flight that takes them to Dallas and then back to Argentina.

November 27, Huntsville, TX: Entire Muskrat family celebrates Thanksgiving Dinner with Sara's mother, sister, grandparents, and other family members.

November 25, Waco, TX: Bruce and Nancy meet Heather Ward's family and all enjoy a musical evening.

November 23, Waco, TX: Bruce and Nancy attend services at First Baptist Church, Waco, where the Baylor University's Concert Choir is featured. (Both Andy and Heather sing in the choir).

November 15-16, Joplin, MO: Bruce and Nancy particpate in the Missions Fair at Forest Park Baptist Church, the church in which both grew up.

November 14, Waco, TX: Bruce and Nancy land at DFW, rent a car, and drive directly to Roxie Grove Hall at Baylor University, just in time to hear Andy play a piano solo in a music hour recital.

November 13, Buenos Aires: Bruce and Nancy depart Buenos Aires for a 2-week visit to the USA, thanks to an invitation of the Forest Park Baptist Church in Joplin, MO to participate in their annual Missions Fair (see Nov 15-16).

October 31, Buenos Aires: The Argentine Baptist Mission celebrates the first 100 years of SBC missionary work in Argentina. 

October 20-24, Santa Cruz, Bolivia: Bruce attends a Western South America region-wide conference for Administrative and Strategy Coordinators.

October 18, Buenos Aires: The Villa Mitre Baptist Church, of which Bruce and Nancy are members, ordains pastor Rodolfo ("Fito") Cappello to the ministry.

October 16-18, Buenos Aires: The Muskrats host visitors Gonzalo y Gladys Igor, who traveled from Neuquen to Buenos Aires to attend the festivities related to the ordenation of pastor Rodolfo Cappello.

October 9-11, Mar del Plata, Argentina: Bruce and Nancy provide the keyboard music for the UBLA (Latin American Baptist Union) Evangelism Conference. Bruce also served as translator for evangelist and author Billy Hanks in one of his workshops.

October 6, Southwest City, MO: The farm on which live Nancy's maternal grandmother (Mrs. Christine Hardy) and aunt (Miss Donna Hardy) was designated by the Missouri Agriculture Department as one of Missouri's "Centennial Farm."  The property is still a "working" farm and has been in the family for over 100 years. Nancy's grandfather was born there.

September 25, Buenos Aires: The Muskrats were awakened by the sound of falling water and discovered that their 1000-liter water tank was flooding into the hall entryway. A valve on the pressurized water-pump had split causing the pump to empty the tank. Fortunately they were able to keep the water from reaching rugs and damaging furniture. 

September 21, Buenos Aires: After 30+ years, the "old blue" couch in the Muskrats' living got a complete make-over and now looks (and "feels") new.

September 20, Buenos Aires: Annual Spring picnic of the Villa Mitre Baptist Church

July 17-25, Santiago, Chile: Nancy accompanied Bruce to Santiago, Chile, where he completed a 2-year audit of the Chile Mission books. While there, Bruce sprained his ankle and had to come back on the plane with crutches.

July 10, Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba: Bruce and Nancy attend a retreat for IMB personnel in Argentina.

July 4-6, Centenario, Neuquén: Nancy and Kelly Jensen take the bus to visit Gonzalo and Gladys Igor on their family "chacra". During their visit Gladys suffered a acute calcium deficiency and had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. Gladys had previously had surgery for thyroid cancer and, due to a cold, had been off her regular medication (prior to a control "scan") longer than normal. 

June 29, Lanús, Buenos Aires: Nancy participated with missionary Leticia Clark (and family) in a Sunday worship service in a suburban Buenos Aires congregation.

June 24, Buenos Aires: Former seminary student Oscar Dressler and his family, now residing in Ft. Worth, TX, visited the Muskrats. A delightful musical evening ensued with Oscar and both of his children participating.

June 7, Buenos Aires: The Muskrats participate in an open-air park concert around the corner from the seminary.

May 15, Trelew, Chubut: Following the sudden and tragic death of MK Amy Milstead, Bruce and Nancy flew to Trelew to assist her grieving parents, Grady and Claire.

April 2-6, Buenos Aires: The Muskrats hosted evangelist/pianist Sam Rotman in a brief concert tour in a variety of venues, including an International Christian School, a Messianic congregation, the seminary, a public auditorium belonging to the Association of "Escribanos," and the Muskrats' own living room.

March 4, Joplin, MO :  Grandpa Jim arrives safely back in Joplin after his adventurous month in Argentina.

March 1, Buenos Aires: The Villa Mitre Baptist Church hosts an "asado" for Bruce's father in honor of his visit.

February 6-20, Patagonia: Bruce, Nancy, and Jim depart for a 2-week trek through the Patagonia (southern Argentina), visiting La Pampa, Centenario, Neuquén, Zapala, San Martín de los Andes, Bariloche, Esquel, Trelew, Valdéz Pennisula, and Sierra de la Ventana. Click on the link above for a daily log and photos of the trip.

February 4, Buenos Aires: Bruce's father, Jim Muskrat, arrives for a month's visit in Argentina.

January 11, Buenos Aires: Andy and Amy depart Argentina for their return flight back to Waco, TX, and the resumption of classes at Baylor University.

January 3-10: Amy and Andy accompany Bruce and Nancy to La Falda, Córdoba, where the family participates in the AGM (Annual Group Meeting: a.k.a. "mission meeting") of the Argentine Baptist Mission.

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