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Bruce and Nancy Muskrat - Musicians on Mission

Musicians on Mission

Fort Worth, Texas
December 2014


Bruce and Nancy Muskrat serve as administrative faculty at B. H. Carroll Theological Institute, where he is Bursar and Director of Business Affairs, and Nancy is Director of Communications. Both teach in the area of Worship and Mission. The Muskrats are "emeritus" missionaries to Argentina, having served 29 years (1977-2006) under appointment of the International Mission Board, SBC. As seminary music teachers, the Muskrats taught courses in church music and worship in the International Baptist Theological Seminary, Buenos Aires (1979-2000), and ministered through music evangelism and participation in church planting through the mission's Pro-Meta team. From 1989-2006, Bruce also served as Administrative Support Leader for the Argentine Baptist Mission, the organization of  Southern Baptist missionaries in that country. 

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